Lone Wolf Distributors Ultimate Connector Kit w/ 3 connectors and spring

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Our Ultimate Connector Kit comes with all of the following items:
3.5# Original Connector
3.5# Target Connector
3.5# Classic Connector
6# Trigger Spring
Our original 3.5# connector is the gold standard for aftermarket connectors, with hundreds of thousands of units sold. Based on feedback from shooters, we’ve upgraded the original design, creating our new Target Connector, which will enhance your trigger pull even more. However, if neither of those models are your taste, the kit also includes the Classic connector, which is our upgraded and enhanced version of the original “long minus” connector. Pair any of these connectors with our 6# trigger spring to instantly upgrade your gun. Fits all Gen2 - Gen5 pistols except for G42/43. If you’d like to upgrade your G42/43, you can use the 3.5# G42/43 connector.

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