Sprinco M4 Extractor Upgrade Kit

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Spinco Tactical Springs are the smallest and cheapest upgrade you can make to your rifle to improve reliable extraction. The extractor spring can be installed by the user at home with a couple tools and a YouTube video. Sprinco pays attention to the most minute detail and their springs have the specifications to prove it -

  • Chrome Silicon Wirestock
  • Heat treated, stress relieved, and cryogenically processed POST winding
  • Impregnated and plated with Re-Micronized Molybdenum Disulfide Formulation

The 5-Coil springs below are recommened for most 5.56 barrel configurations but the extractor then may be aggressive on case rims. Additionally, if you're bolt face has extremely tight tolerances on the barrel extension, the 5-Coil springs may interfere with clearance (such as high-end competition guns or 6.8 SPC bolts.) If you reload, you may want the Enhanced 4-Coil springs as they tend to be easier on the cases. The finishing process on Tactical Springs ensures maximum duty life of your extractor spring.

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