Bravo Company KAG-MCMR

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Bravo Company Manufacturing is a recognized industry leader that has earned their impeccable reputation for perfection by taking quality control to a whole new level. BCM is known for strict tolerances and extremely high quality control to ensure the products they make can be trusted in the field under any circumstance. 

BCM in collaboration with Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners developed the Kinesthetic Angled Grip or KAG to provide a vastly superior forward grip improving stability and performance. With an ergonomic forward rake it provides a biomechanically efficient interface to relive joint stress on the wrist elbow and shoulder. Textured front and back, the slim profile of the KAG creates a platform for consistent positive engagement. It gives you positive retention when using the thumb-over-bore C clamp method of support. The Kinesthetic Angled Grip can be used as a barrier stop or a rest for a supported firing position. Robust M-LOK clamping with minimal hardware ensures a rock solid extension to your handguard. When you're ready to take your AR game to the next level, in competition or in the field, make sure you have the Bravo Company KAG leading the way! 

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: BCM-KAG-MCMR-BLK
Kinesthetic Angled Grip 
AR15 Handstop and Forward Grip 
Textured Front and Back 
Ergonomically Design 
Material: Impact Resistant Polymer 
Finish: Black 

All M-LOK compatible handguards 

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