Deus Ex Machina OEM+ G17 Match Grade Threaded Barrel - TiN

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OEM+® Barrel for Glocks


Our OEM+® Glock barrels begin their life as stainless steel match grade barrels that are then treated with either black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon; increasing wear resistance and lubricity) or a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating (a hard, ceramic material) providing the distinctive gold color, or left in a raw, stainless finish.


These barrels feature:

  • Compatible with Glock generations 2 through 4

  • Precision machined from heat treated stainless forgings

  • Ready to use, pre-fit drop in

  • Oversized lock up and produces greater shot-to-shot accuracy

  • Machine polished feed ramp and bore

  • Maximum chamber support and improved feed ramp design

  • Diamond turned exterior

  • Broach cut rifling and target crown

  • Our Deus Ex Machina LIFETIME warranty

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