Real Avid Carbon Boss AR15

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Real Avid produces innovative solutions to real word challenges faced by hunters and shooters everywhere. Simple practical compact lightweight and efficient gear for the Real Avid outdoorsman.
This is the perfect AR-15 bolt carrier group multi-tool! It has a pin punch, cotter pin puller, 12 precision fit scraping tools and a 360 degree phosphor bronze brush. This one simple tool is able to scrape off and remove carbon fouling from every surface of your AR 15 BCG to get you back in the game and shooting in minutes. It's optimized to clean all 4 major components of your modern sporting rifle; the bolt carrier, bolt, cam pin, and firing pin. Welcome to modern musket field maintenance, the Carbon Boss AR-15 13-in-1 carbon removal tool will keep you shooting!

Specifications and Features:
Real Avid Carbon Boss AR15 AVCARBAR15
AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Cleaning Multi-tool
13-in-1 Carbon Removal Tool
Pin Punch
Cotter Pin Puller
12 Precision Scraping Surfaces
360 Degree Phosphor Bronze Brush
Ballistic Nylon Sheath

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